In AT&T’s 1976 interview with Sir Arthur C. Clarke, he describes in great detail the gadgets and technology we have today, 39 years later. This video should be the dictionary entry for visionary. So, aliens, any time you’re ready.

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Hummburger, hummburger… I’m so doing this next time I go through the drive-through

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You won’t be able to get the theme from Pac-Man out of your head after listening to D Wave’s quirky video game medley, which consists entirely of the 1980 arcade game’s music played in 10 different styles.

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Love the incorporation of elements of the state logo and more of an emphasis on the mountains. I’ve been feeling like the Avs identity is long overdue for a refresh. Check out more fantastic designs at This guy has some great ideas!

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YouTuber Barry Mannifold pokes fun at the the promo video for the Amazon Echo, replacing the responses of the artificially-intelligent Alexa with more snarky and inappropriate banter. We can t wait for people to start hacking these things.

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Short video featuring some simply incredible timelapse footage take from the ISS. Must watch full screen and in HD, it’s worth it!

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A wireless indoor security camera that mounts via a magnetic base and connects to your iOS or Android device over Wi-Fi. It has an alarm, a motion detector and a camera that takes 640x480 video. Video here. More here. I may have to look into these… I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with Foscam’s poor image quality, stability and sloppy API.

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This looks really interesting. I’ve always been a sucker for any film revolving around or pertaining to robots, but this one looks especially good. From what I can tell, the premise appears to be similar to Short Circuit.. without the schtick. Either way,...

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Derping in the Sun

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simple node client for Foscam HD cameras providing a few basic operations
node wrapper to facilitate communication with Indigo home automation server
Indigo plugin to control Foscam webcams
Indigo plugin to control Yamaha RXV3900 receivers
node client to connect to a JMRI xmlio webservice this allows basic control of a model railroad layout via DCC
coding exercise in AngularJS
node client to act as remote for CERS-compatible TV
simple node module to interface with geocaching api
OS X Dashboard Widget for remote control of Plex clients
node module to facilitate connection to and control of an SRV-1 Surveyor robot via tcp
java console for the srv-1 surveyor robot
Mac Dashboard Widget for basic control of Yamaha RX series receivers

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Mile High Disc Golf Club
One of the largest disc golf clubs in the country, of which I am a proud member.
This is the software I use as the brain behind my home automation network.
Kato N-Scale Model Trains
I've just started getting into model railroading, but I've really fallen for these teeny trains.
DJI Phantom Quadcopter
My latest obsession. These solid easy-to-fly quadcopters have introduced me to the exciting world of aerial videography and FPV flying.
Nixie Tube Clocks
Pretty nifty clocks that utilize nixie tubes to display the time. I'm still in the process of assembling my kit.