Very excited to see this upcoming documentary about my second favorite movie trilogy. I also need to track down the acoustic version of the theme song they’re using in the background :)

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Fett and Vader in DaftPunk-inspired helmets chase a girl through streets filled with Tron-like visuals. If that weren’t enough, throw in some lightsabers and lightspeed-capable muscle cars. I think the gonk droid near the end was my favorite.

posted 14 days ago  

Wow! I knew a few of these, but the Porkins and Biggs one were complete surprises!

posted a month ago  

solid advice from a wall behind my office

posted a month ago  

What if Rick Deckard had to deal with Siri… freaking hilarious. I’ve always giggled at that scene. Especially loved the reference to it in ‘Super Troopers’. Enjoy!

posted 2 months ago  

I’ve never been particularly interested in dance, but this definitely caught my attention. Interesting mix of cultures and incredible talent. Makes me miss Kyoto.

posted 2 months ago  

Two of my most favorite things (quadcopters and Star Wars) have been inexplicably combined in one. While I certainly admire this gentleman’s ingenuity and passion, even I have to ask.. why?

posted 3 months ago  

The fine folks at MapQuest have been secretly adding several of my favorite fictional locations in their vast index of places of interest. This time, it’s the iconic cantina from Star Wars Episode IV. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more as I find them!

posted 3 months ago  

this looks awesome!!! at the rate Lego is coming up with fun ideas like this, we may need to get another toy case at home :)

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simple node client for Foscam HD cameras providing a few basic operations
node wrapper to facilitate communication with Indigo home automation server
Indigo plugin to control Foscam webcams
Indigo plugin to control Yamaha RXV3900 receivers
node client to connect to a JMRI xmlio webservice this allows basic control of a model railroad layout via DCC
coding exercise in AngularJS
node client to act as remote for CERS-compatible TV
simple node module to interface with geocaching api
OS X Dashboard Widget for remote control of Plex clients
lightweight module to add emails to SendGrid recipient list
node module to facilitate connection to and control of an SRV-1 Surveyor robot via tcp
java console for the srv-1 surveyor robot
Mac Dashboard Widget for basic control of Yamaha RX series receivers

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I've just started getting into model railroading, but I've really fallen for these teeny trains.
DJI Phantom Quadcopter
My latest obsession. These solid easy-to-fly quadcopters have introduced me to the exciting world of aerial videography and FPV flying.
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Pretty nifty clocks that utilize nixie tubes to display the time. I'm still in the process of assembling my kit.