Two of my most favorite things (quadcopters and Star Wars) have been inexplicably combined in one. While I certainly admire this gentleman’s ingenuity and passion, even I have to ask.. why?

posted 23 days ago  

The fine folks at MapQuest have been secretly adding several of my favorite fictional locations in their vast index of places of interest. This time, it’s the iconic cantina from Star Wars Episode IV. Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing more as I find them!

posted 24 days ago  

this looks awesome!!! at the rate Lego is coming up with fun ideas like this, we may need to get another toy case at home :)

posted 2 months ago  

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So much fun! It is every absurd 80′s action flick rolled into one, condensed down to a half hour and covered with cheese! Seriously, stop what you’re doing and watch this!

posted 2 months ago  

Holy cow this thing is cool!!! Fantastic design. The rate at which UAV technology is advancing is simply astonishing. I can think of a ton of fun applications for this lil’ bugger.

posted 3 months ago  

Over the last few days, so many of my friends had asked if I’d seen this yet. I thought I had. So I thought I’d double-check. I wouldn’t want to risk missing out on Star Wars awesomeness. Turns out, what I had seen a couple years ago was the test footag...

posted 4 months ago  

Wish I had seen this when we were picking out wedding rings :)Wear the Battle of Hoth on just one finger in honor of all the brave rebels that fell on that cold day. This awesome ring depicts the fateful battle from The Empire Strikes Back in silhouette form.

posted 4 months ago  

In AT&T’s 1976 interview with Sir Arthur C. Clarke, he describes in great detail the gadgets and technology we have today, 39 years later. This video should be the dictionary entry for visionary. So, aliens, any time you’re ready.

posted 6 months ago  

Hummburger, hummburger… I’m so doing this next time I go through the drive-through

posted 7 months ago  

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simple node client for Foscam HD cameras providing a few basic operations
node wrapper to facilitate communication with Indigo home automation server
Indigo plugin to control Foscam webcams
Indigo plugin to control Yamaha RXV3900 receivers
node client to connect to a JMRI xmlio webservice this allows basic control of a model railroad layout via DCC
coding exercise in AngularJS
node client to act as remote for CERS-compatible TV
simple node module to interface with geocaching api
OS X Dashboard Widget for remote control of Plex clients
node module to facilitate connection to and control of an SRV-1 Surveyor robot via tcp
java console for the srv-1 surveyor robot
Mac Dashboard Widget for basic control of Yamaha RX series receivers

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